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Events And Tours

Connecting Musicians And Fans Through
Live Events

Over the past 4 years James and the Jammed Up events Team have been working on various elements of events management. ​This experience has put us in the perfect place to advise on any element of live events.

For two years Jammed Up Events recently worked at The Pig and Fiddle in Bath alongside Cat In The Hat Promotions to put on music events at their venue. This involved James managing elements of events such as Booking Acts, Artist Advancing, Artist Liaising, Sound Engineering, Backline Tech, Acting as Event Manager and much more. James acted as Events Manager for The Pig And Fiddle's bank holiday festival, and lead a team in a 8 hour festival full of live music.

James' Team have also worked on assisting many tours including Frannie B's 'Exposure' tour in 2018 and James Harriman's 'Almost Christmas Tour' in 2019. We currently work freelance, and regularly book artists from around the UK into venues in the southwest. Over the past three years James has booked bands from all over the country including China Bears, Imprints, Open Arms, Cut Throat Francis and Luna Lake to name a few.

"James has excellent organisation skills in all of the areas mentioned above. He has developed an all round working knowledge of venue operations, as well as good contacts in the local music scene. He is an excellent promoter and an asset to the team!" - Rhys Friery,  Cat In The Hat Promotions

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